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Friday, December 28, 2007

Great Freewares

Here's a list of useful freeware applications, arranged alphabetically by category. Please post your favourite software to this thread....

Audio Players:
Audio Utilities:
dbPowerAMP Music Converter -

CD Recording:
CD/DVD Burner XP -
CD Utilities:
Download Managers:
Kerio Personal Firewall -
GUI Utilities:
Image Viewers:
Instant Messaging:
Yahoo Instant Messenger -
AOL Instant Messenger -
Ethereal Protocol Analyzer -
HyperTerminal Private Edition -
Publication/Document Manipulation:
Spyware Protection:
Spybot: Search & Destroy -
System Utilities:
Motherboard Monitor -
Video Players:
Core Media Player -
Video Utilities:
Web Browsers:
Web/FTP Servers:
i hope u all would like it

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