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Thursday, February 21, 2008

XML documentation file for comments

For the spelling mistake I have downloaded a Visual Studio free add-in.Download

Steps to install this add in.

Spell checker now supports text verification in:

  • HTML style comments <-- HTML -->
  • ASP.NET server side comments: <%-- ASP.NET --%>
  • Java Script, C# and C++ comments: // C++ style comments
  • CSS and C style comments: /* C style comments */
  • VB and VBScript style comments: 'This is VB comment

  1. Close all the instance of the visual studio.
  2. Install the Add-in.
  3. Open the Visual Studio IDE, and open a page ex.-“html file or Class file.”, in which you want to check the spelling mistakes.
  4. Click on Tools Menu, you will found “Spell Check”. Just Click on it.
  5. If there is any spelling mistakes in the page, it will underling the word and also provides a suggestion list.
  6. After Installing this add-in, in case if you are unable to find the Spell Check option under Tools Menu, please Apply the following steps.
  7. Open the command prompt, Go to the Add in installation folder and run this command: regsvr32 vsspellchecker.dll

Find out more information about the spell checker @

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